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Perineorrhaphy in Iran

Perineorrhaphy , also referred as perineoplasty, is a plastic surgery of the perineum which helps women to treat the vaginal problems. This procedure is performed to prevent prolapsing, and help to improve sexual function. Aim of this article, is to consider the cause, symptoms, procedure and care after surgery.

The visible area between the vagina and the rectum is called perineum. Perineorrhaphy is a reconstructive procedure to improve  the muscles and tissues at the opening of the vagina and efforts to decrease size of the vaginal opening. It’s a wrong believe that mostly think, Perineorrhaphys reduce sexual sensation, in fact, Perineorrhaphy increases sensation for partners.

The gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour, performs perineorrhaphy in Iran.

Perineorrhaphy procedure, rebuilds and tightens muscles. This is a procedure repairing the opening of the vagina which may be done under conditions where the woman complains of urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, and unpleasurable intercourse or sexual dysfunction due to looseness of the perineum.

Perineorrhaphy in Iran

Causes of uterine prolapse:

Women who experience uterine prolapse have:

– advanced age

-overweight/ obesity

-chronic cough

-frequent constipation

-pelvic tumor

Symptoms of uterine prolapse:

-pelvic pressure

-bladder fullness

-thigh/ leg tension

-lower back tension

-urinary frequent

-painful intercourse


 Perineorrhaphy procedure:

Perineorrhaphy, is a reconstructive procedure to tighten the vagina by drawing the posterior vagina wall. Perineorrhaphy is an outpatient surgery and done under general or local anesthesia. This procedure takes about 60 minutes. This procedure can be done after childbirth through some sutures, otherwise, labiaplasty is needed.

Impact of performing perineorrhaphy on sexual intercourse:

Having a pleasure intercourse is a challenging for partners that effects on social and private one’s life. After sexual intercourse and childbirth, with stretching the vagina, pleasure intercourse decreased. There are several solutions to treat related problems.

Considerations before surgery:


Treating bacterial and fungal infection

Considering systematic deficiencies, allergic and pregnancy 

Recovery after surgery:

It’s better to avoid sexual activity for 1 month. And can back to your work after 1 week. Before performing the surgery, you should consult with a doctor.

As a result, prineoplasty is the procedure of tightening of the vaginal opening and its surrounding structures. Perineoplasty, repairs the damage and resurfaces the tissue in order to return the area to its pre-pregnancy state. This procedure, restores the normal function and appearance of the perineum and give self confidence and more satisfying sexual intercourse.

Dr. Bahmanpour will inform you about all information and complications in order to help you to make the best decision.

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