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Uterine cancer is one of the most cancer between the female. So, women need more cares.cancer cells have long growth and duplication. Then, with doing a simple test, the cancer cells will be determined. Diagnosing the cancer in early stages by a gynecologist, results in fast treatment. Pap-Smear, is a simple procedure to diagnose the uterus cancer. The results are consider by a gynecologist. In suspicious cases, the supplementary tests should be done in order to get a definite diagnosis.

What is Pap-Smear?

Pap-Smear test, is a simple procedure and examine the pelvic, completely, and determines the cancer cells. This test represents the most little changes in opening uterus.

All women who have frequent sexual intercourse, should do the test at least one a year. Specially those who have had uterus cancer. Doing Pap-Smear in necessary for older women and should consult with a gynecologist about the Pap-Smear intervals.

Generally, Pap-Smear, is done for those who:

  • Have begun their sexual intercourse in low ages
  • Are barren women or women who never have had childbirth
  • Have infection or wart
  • Have HIV infection
  • Have several sexual partners

Preparation before the Pap-Smear

It should be mentioned that:

  • You can not do this test in your menopause cycle..
  • You should not have a sexual intercourse the day before the Pap-Smear, it can affect on the result.
  • Women who have a new childbirth, should consult with a gynecologist.
  • You should not use the solution, ointment, gel or any kind of external materials.
  • Women can repeat the Pap-Smear, 2 months after the first test.

pap- smear

How the procedure is done?

At first, the vagina should be cleaned, the vagina is opened by a specific tools which is called speculum. So the gynecologist can observe the pelvic and uterus. The doctor takes the samples from the uterus cells and sends them to the laboratory to consider their naturalness.

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