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vaginal infection

Female genital infections are the most common reason which women refer to a gynecologist. Vaginal infection has symptoms that a gynecologist can diagnose this disease.

 Vaginal leakage

Natural vaginal leakages

Vagina has natural leakages at middle of menstrual, or 2 weeks after the menstrual. In these times, vagina has more leakages.

Natural leakages of vagina is begun after ending the menstrual. These leakages are white and yellowish.

Dr. Bahmanpour expresses that if the vaginal leakage be natural, the treatment is not needed. Different diseases and bacteria, cause the vaginal infection.

Women who have symptoms of vaginal infections, should refer to a gynecologist to prevent the recurrent vaginal infections.

A gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour, treats the vaginal infections by using the newest methods and technologies.

Unnatural leakages of vagina are smelly, gray or pea green. These leakages drive from the bacteria which stay in vagina.

Women should prevent the intractably using of the drugs to treat the vaginal infection. The infection can transmit between the couples, so if one of them have the infection, both should be treated.

How to prevent the vaginal infection?

Dr. Bahmanpour, believes that the first and important step to prevent the vaginal infection is to observing the healthful points, in order to prevent the urethra infection and vaginal infection. Having natural leakage is essential for your body, but unnatural leakage should be treated.

Natural leakages don’t have any itching and irritation.


if women see the changes in vaginal infection, such as smelly or cheesy infection, should refer to a gynecologist to treat the vaginal infection, soon.

vaginal infection

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