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Menstruation is ceased forever, between ages of 45 to 55 and the women never have a monthly bleeding. This period is called menopause and is so normal that occurs for all women.

When a woman becomes menopausal, she loses the ability of childbearing. And the ovary does not secrete the female hormones such as Esterogen, and level of this hormone will be decreased.

Menopause begins with some symptoms and changes, for example, the menstruation becomes irregular and after a few time is ceased. Cutting the menstruation results in mental and physical changes. Some other symptoms are as following:

  • Hot flash
  • Anxiety
  • Hidrosis
  • Depression
  • Sexual changes
  • osteoporosis

During the time, this symptoms will be decreased.

Way of decreasing the menopause complications

The gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour, expresses different way of decreasing the symptoms:

  • Diet

During the menopause, having a healthy diet can help decreasing the symptoms of menopause. Using sugary food should be reduced, because these hormones, increase the adrenaline and decrease the level of estrogen in ovary.

  • Exercising

Light exercises increase the leakages of endocrine glands such as hypophysis, stimulate the ovaries and secrete more hormones. Exercising also decrease the hot flash and hidrosis.

  • Deep breathing

Doing this one, can decrease the menopause symptoms. To do deep breathing, sit and close your eyes, relax all your muscles. Then start deep breathing.

  • Using natural and herbal materials

These kind of materials don’t have any human hormones, and result in more leakages.

  • Using vitamins

Using vitamin n E, reduce t symptom of hot flash. Deficiency of vitamin B6 causes anger, anxious. Deficiency of vitamin B12 causes decentralization, idleness and hallucination. Iron deficiency causes weakness, unnatural coolness and emotionality.

Vitamin E, is one of the most important vitamins. This is a hormonal regulator which increase the ovarian leakages. Deficiency of vitamin E, causes dizziness, heartthrob, asthma, and fatigue.


Some factors which affect on the menopause are as following:

  • Genetics and environmental effects
  • Tension and severe emotional tension
  • Life style
  • Smoking
  • Hysterectomy
  • Some diseases

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