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Genital warts

Women have a sensitive genital system that are exposure to different diseases, so, women should care about their genital health.Genital warts, are one of the most common diseases among the women. This disease is known as Aouminata Condyloma. In this article, we consider the genital warts, completely.

Genital warts are soft growths which can be seen on the both men and women genital. Warts are caused by a virus which is called human papilloma virus. warts transmit during the sexual intercourse.

Malignant warts in women can cause cervix problems, which can be accompanied by hepatitis.

Genital warts may appear on the following areas:

  • inside of the vagina or anus
  • outside of the vagina or anus
  • cervix

Symptoms of genital warts are as following:

  • Gray swelling around the genital
  • Itching on genital
  • Bleeding during the sexual intercourse

genital warts

Genital warts can cause some problems, such as:

  • Cancer

Statistics shows that, warts are dependent on HPV virus, which can result in cervix cancer. But a gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour, believes that, in some cases, warts can cause cervix cancer.

Women should do, pap-smear, cervix cancer tests and HPV test to prevent and diagnosis the cancer at early stages.

  • Problems during the pregnancy

Enlarged warts affect on the vaginal elasticity during the childbearing. Babies that born from these mothers, may have some warts on their larynx after the birth.

Women who have genital warts, should consider some cares:

  • Before any treatment, the kind of HPV virus and warts should be determined, because, these warts are the best place of virus aggregation.
  • Treatment of warts can remove the person’s infection. So the warts should be removed, completely.
  • Some warts are so small and can not see with eyes, these warts are the factor of recurrence of disease. Lack of treatment, results in enlarged genital warts.

Dr. Bahmanpour, knows avoiding multiple sexual intercourse, as a way of prevention of genital warts. Vaccination also can prevent the affection of genital warts.

HPV which causes the genital warts can remain in body, and increases the possibility of cervix cancer. But as mentioned before, all kind of HPVs are not cancerous. But the genital warts should treat to prevent the further complications and cancer. Laser genital warts, is an effective way of removing wart. In next article, we will explain this treatment, perfect.


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