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visiting a gynecologist

Visiting a gynecologist

Women should regularly refer gynecologist. Most women fear to do this visiting and it’s hard for them to seek treatment methods. So, it’s necessary for women to visiting a gynecologist.

This visit can ensure your genital health, this means that, you are responsible for your body health by using new methods.

This visit, may be just a talk to get to know each other, ask questions and find out what to expect at future visits. Some reasons to visit a gynecology are as:

Having irregular periods more than 1 year means that having some disorders in genital system and you should refer to a gynecologist. In this way, doctor consider risk of pregnancy, if the result be negative, further tests are prescribed.  These disorders may occur due to severe weight loss, anemia, prolonged travelling, using birth control pills, severe activities and so on. Treatment is done based on the causes and proper diagnosis.

  • Urinary disorders

Excess excretion of urine is one sign of urinary tract infection. Patients may have some symptoms such as itching and pain during urination, smelly urine and dark urine. If having mentioned symptoms, should visit a gynecologist immediately to treat your problem.

the gynecologist

Having vaginal discharge between period cycle is natural and common. This discharges help to clean vagina and cervix. These discharges are white and increase during lactation, ovulation and sexual intercourse.

But if you have smelly, dark and abnormal discharge, visit a gynecologist. Abnormal vaginal discharges can lead to various female diseases. Doctors recommend different treatment ways to treat the problem.


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