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vaginal changes

Vaginal changes

As you age, vagina becomes changed and it’s so common and natural. Every woman has different pregnancy and menopause cycle, so, vaginal changes vary from one individual to the other one.

Women who use birth control pills on their 30s or before, may face with vaginal dryness. These pills blocks male hormones which is called Androgen, and then vagina become dry. There is no exact reason that why some women feel this problem and some of them not.

Pregnancy has considerable effect on vagina. Fortunately, vagina is a flexible organ due to having high blood circulation, and then lead to turn back to its primary form after any changes. During pregnancy, hormones change color of vagina, but this matter is removed after childbearing and vagina becomes as its primary form and color.

Vagina changes at 40s

In this period, hair around vagina becomes thin and color changes of skin is seen. This means that beginning menopause. Most women experience this cycle between their 50- 52.

Vaginal changes at 50s

In this period, estrogen reduces, and then, vagina becomes thin and dry and also lose its elasticity.

Vaginal changes at 60s

In this period, vaginal changes due to the menopause become worsen. Women may experience painful intercourse (dyspareunia) and involuntary reactions. In this period, some problems such pelvic pain spasm and pressure is seen.


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