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benefits of MonaLisa touch

Benefits of MonaLisa touch

MonaLisa touch is one of the newest and the best technology of laser therapy specially for women. Doctor Bahmanpour have lots of international medical researches in this field. In this article, we consider benefits of MonaLisa touch.

MonalIsa touch laser is a vaginal rejuvenation treatment and is done based on the usage amount of dioxide carbon and has designed for mucous membrane of vagina.

MonaLisa is the best and effective, non- surgical with no need to medication that is used to treat vaginal dryness or vaginal atrophy. These problems mostly seen in menopause women or after childbearing.

Some benefits of MonaLisa are as:

  • Removing itching and irritation of vagina
  • Treating urinary incontinence
  • Whitening of vaginal skin
  • Increasing tightness and resistance of vaginal tissue
  • Removing painful intercourse
  • Reducing size of labia

Forbidden cases

  • Those women who have serious local or systematic diseases.
  • Menopausal women should perform surgery after visiting a gynecologist.

Postoperative cares of MonaLisa touch

This method is a simple, comfortable and safe which has no need anesthesia and hospitalization. Some surgeons use creams to create anesthesia. So, women have minimal feeling of pain and irritation and some signs remove few days (1-3 days) after surgery.

Doctors recommend to avoid sexual intercourse 2 days after surgery, and also avoid to do heavy activities or lift heavy things, take warm bath or do physical activities.

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