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what is Gardasil?

What is Gardasil?

Gardasil is a vaccine that is prescribed for girls and women between 9 to 45, to prevent risks of diseases that transmitted by HPV, such as:
–    Cervical cancer
–    Genital warts
–    Ovarian cancer
–    Anal cancer
Also this ampule is prescribed for boys and men to prevent diseases such as:
–    Anal cancer
–    Genital warts
–    Precancerous anal lesions
How a Gardasil is prescribed?
Gardasil is an intramuscular injection and injects inside the arm, in 3 doses as following schedule:
First dose: based on your doctor and your decision
Second dose: 2 months after first dose
Third dose: 6 months after first dose
Most important information
–    Gardasil protects you against HPV, so, it can not treat your problem.
–    Individuals should do monthly check- up and pap- smear test.
–    Hypersensitivity to previous does of Gardasil.
–    Hypersensitivity to amorphous aluminum sulfate and yeasts.
Use of Gardasil is not allowed during pregnancy.

What are risk factors of Gardasil?
You may feel headache. Pain, swelling, itching, bruising, redness or confusion are other risks and complications.
Before injection Gardasil, inform your doctor, if you have following problems:
–    Are pregnant
–    Have immune system problems or cancer
–    Fever more than 38
–    Hypersensitivity to previous doses of gardasil

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