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bladder inflammation

Bladder inflammation

Bladder inflammation, is one of the most common female problems that can cause burning, irritating and urine frequency. This problem also called interstitial cystitis and created inflammatory bowel condition that can lead to pain in pelvis and bladder.
Some signs and symptoms are as:
–    Feeling burning while urination
–    Decreased bladder capacity
–    Urgent need to urinate
–    Pressure and pain around the bladder
Bladder inflammation affects on wall of the bladder, this part loses its tightness.

Bladder inflammation causes

Infection and infection are main factors of this problem. Muscular pains and bowel syndrome trigger this inflammation, doctors believe that hereditary background is another causes of bladder inflammation.

How to diagnose bladder inflammation?

There is no definite diagnosis test, but endometriosis (abnormal mucus inside pelvis), pelvic pain, and frequent urination with severe pain in bladder are diagnosis ways, and patients need to urinate.
–    Urinalysis
–    Urine culture
–    Cystoscopy
–    Bladder wall removal
–    Enlarge area of bladder wall

bladder inflammation
 Bladder inflammation treatment
Most of the time, treatment is done with pharmaceuticals. Certain food and have a healthy life style, affect on process of recovery.
In most cases, to treat the problem, many procedures are combined together and, is so effective, but may prolong time of treatment. some of common treatments are:
–    Dilate the bladder
This procedure is done under anesthesia, transfers signals of pain, increases bladder capacity and improves bladder pains. Signs of problem worsen 48hours after treatment, but will be improved during 4 weeks.
–    Importing special drugs into the bladder
Special drugs are kept inside the bladder for 15 minutes, and should be repeated every weeks. This procedure is more effective than previous procedure.

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