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menopause complications

After menopause, risks of some complications is increased. such as:

  1. Hair loss

Due to low estrogen, hair loss is a common sign of menopause. Those women who have family background, will have more risk of this problem. You should visit a dermatologist, if having this problem.

2. Increasing heart beat rate

Changes in amount of estrogen, increase heart beat rates.

  1. Muscles damages

By aging, and due to low estrogen, some signs and symptoms such as muscles pain is appeared. Most women may experience such problems during their menopause.

menopause complication

  1. Depression

Depression, is one sign of menopause. In fact, women will experience behavioral changes. These symptoms are as signs of aging. Hormonal changes and disorders in sleeping worsen this condition.

During menopause and due to nightly hidrosis, women will experience insomnia and then depression or fatigue.

It should be noted that, in this period, some women may be depressed, sad or grumpy.

Testosterone implant is an effective way to treat some problems such as depression. Testofen, is one product of the testosterone which implants inside the skin and treats your depression.

5. Urinary incontinence

6. Sexual function and then other problems such as vaginal dryness, or vaginal atrophy.

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