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vaginal dryness: causes and treatment

Due to aging and low estrogen, women experience problems such as vaginal dryness. Referring to a skillful gynecologist helps you to know vaginal dryness: causes and treatment. Factors such as menopause, lactation, removing ovarian and smoking can lead to low estrogen.

Schoen syndrome, which is an auto- immune disease cause vaginal dryness. In this disease, immune system attacks to its cells and tissues.

Too washing the vagina is another factor that can cause vaginal dryness.

How to diagnose vaginal dryness?

The gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour, performs pelvic examination and consider vagina, genital system, and opening uterus.


Pap- smear test in another way to diagnose vaginal dryness. In this method, parts of uterus is removed by a special device and then sample  considered by microscope. Considering samples from vaginal discharges can be helpful for diagnosing vaginal dryness, infection or low estrogen.

vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness treatment

Local usage of estrogen in vagina, is an effective way to treat vaginal dryness, with no decreasing testosterone. By using this treatment, risk of urinary infection will be decreased.

Different forms of estradiol vaginal

  • Estradiol vaginal cream: in this form, you can put ointment into your vagina.
  • Estradiol vaginal ring: in this form, a soft and flexible ring is put top of the vagina and, estrogen released in vagina. This is a temporary treatment and this ring should be changed by a gynecologist.
  • Estradiol vaginal pills: in this form, tablets are put inside the vagina by an applicant.

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