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premature ovarian failure

Premature ovarian failure can lead to various complications such as premature menopause, or infertility. This problem also known as primary ovarian insufficiency and causes no releasing eggs.

Premature ovarian failure symptoms

Signs and symptoms of ovarian failure are as:
– Hot flashes
– Night sweats
Vaginal dryness
– Decreased sexual desire

Premature ovarian failure causes

Genetics is main factor of having this problem in lower ages. Pelvic radiotherapy, or using chemotherapy drugs due to cancer can be another factor.
Premature ovarian failure results from the loss of eggs which is called oocytes. This might happen because of:
– Chromosomal defects
– Toxins
– An immune system response to ovarian tissue ( autoimmune disease)
Factors such as age, family history and multiple ovarian surgeries, increase risk of developing  ovarian failure.

premature ovarian failure

Premature ovarian failure treatment

Estrogen therapy, can help to prevent osteoporosis and relieve symptoms such as hot flashes and signs related to estrogen deficiency. Sometimes you can have estrogen with progesterone, if you still have uterus.
Using calcium and supplements of vitamin D.
Using contraceptive pills, in young women to control symptoms of premature ovarian failure. These pills contain 2 hormones of estrogen and progesterone.

Does hormonal therapy have risks?
There are many studies on hormonal therapy. Using these medications in women with breast cancer, intense growth of cancer cells, so women should have breast examination before hormonal therapy.
Premature ovarian failure can lead to low testosterone and estrogen and osteoporosis.

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