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sexual desire after labiaplasty

Does labiaplasty affect on sexual desire?

Does labiaplasty increase sexual desire and activity?

Labiaplasty reduces size of labia and clitoral hood, making the clitoris more exposed during sex. Proper exposure of the clitoris is the main aim to seek this surgery.

Most women who seek labiaplasty, have above common questions. A gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour expresses that, labiaplasty have noticeable effects on female sensitivity, in fact, labiaplasty doesn’t decrease sexual desire, but also increases this desire and sensitivity.

Choosing the best and exprted gynecologist, directly affects on result of surgery. labiaplasty is a sensitive surgery, so surgeons should care about damages to clitoris (sensory nerve of female).

Some benefits of labiaplasty are as follows:

Labiaplasty stimulates the clitoris better

By stimulating clitoris, women feel more sexual pressure. The clitoral hood is more exposed with the reduction of larger labia and thus can help increase sexual desire.

Labiaplasty reduces pain

Some women experience pain during their sexual intercourse, which also known as dyspareunia. This can lead to reducing sexual desire. Labiaplasty helps you by cutting skin or widening the vagina. So, it not only increase your desire, but also reduces pain.

Labiaplasty increases confidence

Being confident sexually is a great way to boost your sex life. So, women who done labiaplasty surgery, will be more confident before past.

The goal of cosmetic surgeries is to make patients feel more ease in their bodies, labiaplasty can achieve this goal.

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