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labiaplasty techniques

Labiaplasty is a suitable surgical procedure for those women who have lost beauty of the vagina due to aging or other reasons. By performing this surgery, extra parts of the labia is removed.

Various types of labiaplasty techniques are as follows:

  • Seculped linear (edge trim)

In this procedure, incisions are created by using laser, and then surgeons created absorbable stitches on the vagina. A gynecologist should consider strength of the stitches and reduces risk of scars. Using laser in this procedure, reduces risk of bleeding and there is no need of creating strong and firm stitches.

Amount of removing labia depends on a patient’s opinion.

  • Z- Plasty reduction technique

In this technique, more tissue is removed and formed a Z shape.

  • V- W edge resection

In this technique, edge of the labia minora is removed as V form. Advantages of this technique are as:

  • Less damages to sensory nerve of the vagina and labia
  • Better results
  • Less bleeding
  • Preserving integrity of labia
  • Less scar and short recovery time

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