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vaginal laser therapy

During the menopause, genital such as other organs will change, which results in disorders in one’s life.

Genital will be affected by low production of estrogen. At the age of 40 or above, 50% of women symptoms such as vaginal atrophy that dramatically affect their life and sexual satisfaction.

During aging,

  • Vagina lost its collagen
  • Reduction of vaginal elasticity
  • Vaginal prolapse

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy

  • Vaginal irritation
  • Reduction of vaginal moisture
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • To remove these problem, doctors recommend laser-resurfacing.

Co2 laser is one of the vaginal rejuvenation procedures. This is a non-invasive procedure to treat vaginal atrophy. This procedure, is long-term and safe, so it can be considered as an advantage. Vaginal rejuvenation has no complication due to drugs use.

vaginal laser therapy

Procedure of laser-resurfacing in vaginal rejuvenation

Co2 laser, stimulates collagen and natural regeneration of vaginal tissue. As laser has extremely succeeded for skin, it is so effective for vaginal rejuvenation, and can solve the related problems in the shortest time.

With using laser, tissue will aggregate and result in stimulation of fibroblast production.

Through stimulation of fibroblasts, the production of collagen will be stimulated and hence, tissue regeneration in less than 1 month after the treatment, cause to build the vaginal wall with a strong structure and more moisture and collagen.

Benefits of laser-resurfacing:

  1. Performing in short-time (about 10-20 minutes)
  2. Non-invasive and painless method
  3. Safe, law-risk and without any complication
  4. Appropriate for any age
  5. Lightening the external genital and labial
  6. Removing vaginal irritation
  7. Removing vaginal redness
  8. Long-term durability of surgery
  9. Removing vaginal inflammation
  10. Usable for everyone, even for those with breast cancer
  11. Complete recovery
  12. Removing vaginal rugosity/ shrinkage
  13. Tightening the vagina
  14. Improving the appearance of vagina

Vaginal care before laser therapy:

  1. Examination by gynecologist
  2. If there is infection in cervical or vagina, it should be treated.
  3. Pap- smear
  4. Performing laser therapy
  5. And finally laser surfacing

The main advantage of vaginal rejuvenation with laser, requires no anesthesia, calmative and lack of bleeding while the procedure.

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