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Laser reduction labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is one of the female cosmetic surgeries. Skill and knowledge of the surgeon is so important in this surgery to prevent any damages to the labia, because there are many nerves and lymph nodes in this area and surgeon or gynecologist should know this issue. Lalabiaplsty can be done by laser.

Who can have laser reduction labiaplasty?

  • Women who vaginal and uterine prolapse
  • Women who have had many childbirth/ delivery
  • Women who have pain sexual intercourse
  • Women who are dissatisfied about appearance and size of their labia
  • Those women who have dark or black labia
  • Those who have asymmetry labia
  • Those who have big and prominent labia

Recovery time after labiaplasty

Swelling, bruising and pain are common after this surgery, they faded 14 days after surgery and patients can resume their work, 72 hours after surgery.

It’s better for women to avoid wearing thigh clothes or taking a warm bath.

Women should avoid doing heavy activities or lifting heavy things, to prevent pressure to the genital and vaginal. Doing slight activities and exercises is recommended 4 weeks after surgery.

Patients can have intercourse 4- 6 weeks after surgery.

Applying ice pack for 2 days, can reduce swelling and bruising.

laser reduction labiaplasty

recovery of the laser reduction labiaplasty

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