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Laser reduction labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is one of the female cosmetic surgeries. Skill and knowledge of the surgeon is so important in this surgery to prevent any damages to the labia, because there are many nerves and lymph nodes in this area and surgeon or gynecologist should know this issue. Lalabiaplsty can be done by laser.

Who can have laser reduction labiaplasty?

  • Women who vaginal and uterine prolapse
  • Women who have had many childbirth/ delivery
  • Women who have pain sexual intercourse
  • Women who are dissatisfied about appearance and size of their labia
  • Those women who have dark or black labia
  • Those who have asymmetry labia
  • Those who have big and prominent labia

Recovery time after labiaplasty

Swelling, bruising and pain are common after this surgery, they faded 14 days after surgery and patients can resume their work, 72 hours after surgery.

It’s better for women to avoid wearing thigh clothes or taking a warm bath.

Women should avoid doing heavy activities or lifting heavy things, to prevent pressure to the genital and vaginal. Doing slight activities and exercises is recommended 4 weeks after surgery.

Patients can have intercourse 4- 6 weeks after surgery.

Applying ice pack for 2 days, can reduce swelling and bruising.

laser reduction labiaplasty

recovery of the laser reduction labiaplasty

Kegel exercise

Kegel exercise, improves muscles of the pelvic floor, and results on supporting the uterus, bladder and rectum, which helps to prevents urinary incontinence or bladder problems.

Those women who have following problems, may benefit from this kind of exercise.

  • Drops of urine while sneezing, laughing or coughing which is called stress incontinence.
  • Strong and sudden urge to urinate which is called urinary incontinence.
  • Leak stool which is called fecal incontinence.

Kegel exercise can be done during pregnancy or after child birth to prevent incontinence.

Tighten the vagina, is another use of Kegel exercise. After childbearing or due to having too many intercourse, wall of vagina loses its flexibility and strength and another problems such as urinary incontinence will be appeared. Performing this kind of exercises with tonic movements treats such problems.

Kegel exercise

What are benefits of Kegel exercise?

If you do Kegel exercises regularly, you can expect results — such as less frequent urine leakage — within about a few weeks to a few months. For continued benefits, make Kegel exercises a permanent part of your daily routine.

Those women who have slight vaginal looses, or are in primary stages of a problem, benefits from this kind of exercises.

How to perform Kegel?

  1. Contract. To perform a Kegel, slowly tighten your vaginal muscles as hard as you possibly cab.
  2. Release. Hold your muscles for a few second and then relax.
  3. Improve. Start slowly and try to build your Kegel regime gradually so you don’t harm yourself and so you can slowly build-up the elasticity in due course.
  4. Repetition. Do this exercise regularly.
  5. Safety. Ensure that you are performing correct movements.

vaginal laser therapy

During the menopause, genital such as other organs will change, which results in disorders in one’s life.

Genital will be affected by low production of estrogen. At the age of 40 or above, 50% of women symptoms such as vaginal atrophy that dramatically affect their life and sexual satisfaction.

During aging,

  • Vagina lost its collagen
  • Reduction of vaginal elasticity
  • Vaginal prolapse

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy

  • Vaginal irritation
  • Reduction of vaginal moisture
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Urinary incontinence
  • To remove these problem, doctors recommend laser-resurfacing.

Co2 laser is one of the vaginal rejuvenation procedures. This is a non-invasive procedure to treat vaginal atrophy. This procedure, is long-term and safe, so it can be considered as an advantage. Vaginal rejuvenation has no complication due to drugs use.

vaginal laser therapy

Procedure of laser-resurfacing in vaginal rejuvenation

Co2 laser, stimulates collagen and natural regeneration of vaginal tissue. As laser has extremely succeeded for skin, it is so effective for vaginal rejuvenation, and can solve the related problems in the shortest time.

With using laser, tissue will aggregate and result in stimulation of fibroblast production.

Through stimulation of fibroblasts, the production of collagen will be stimulated and hence, tissue regeneration in less than 1 month after the treatment, cause to build the vaginal wall with a strong structure and more moisture and collagen.

Benefits of laser-resurfacing:

  1. Performing in short-time (about 10-20 minutes)
  2. Non-invasive and painless method
  3. Safe, law-risk and without any complication
  4. Appropriate for any age
  5. Lightening the external genital and labial
  6. Removing vaginal irritation
  7. Removing vaginal redness
  8. Long-term durability of surgery
  9. Removing vaginal inflammation
  10. Usable for everyone, even for those with breast cancer
  11. Complete recovery
  12. Removing vaginal rugosity/ shrinkage
  13. Tightening the vagina
  14. Improving the appearance of vagina

Vaginal care before laser therapy:

  1. Examination by gynecologist
  2. If there is infection in cervical or vagina, it should be treated.
  3. Pap- smear
  4. Performing laser therapy
  5. And finally laser surfacing

The main advantage of vaginal rejuvenation with laser, requires no anesthesia, calmative and lack of bleeding while the procedure.

MonaLisa touch procedure

In MonaLisa touch procedure, Co2 laser is used to treat vaginal problems. In this procedure, patients feel pain and pressure, so, there is no need of anesthesia.
Dr. Mitra Bahmanpour performs female cosmetic surgeries such as, vaginoplasty and labiaplasty with local anesthesia.
During this procedure, patients may feel pins and needles, and also mild vibrations around their cervix. Depending on vaginal changes and patient’s need, treatment and its duration varies from one patient to the other one. It can last between5 minutes to 1 hour.
Dr. Bahmanpour turns the MonaLisa laser into internal and external part of the vagina, collagen will be produced and blood flow is improved and then results in vaginal rejuvenation.
MonaLisa touch is an effective procedure in treating vaginal dryness (vaginal atrophy).
Treatment sessions depends on condition of the patients and severity of the symptoms. Some patients answer to the procedure after 1 session, while others response it after 4 sessions or more.
40- 60 days is needed for treatment. By using MonaLisa touch, structure of vaginal tissue returns to its primary and normal form, as patients fee considerable changes.
In most patients well result and changes is seen, 12 hours after performing procedure. Some patients may need more time.

MonaLisa touch procedure

labiaplasty techniques

Labiaplasty is a suitable surgical procedure for those women who have lost beauty of the vagina due to aging or other reasons. By performing this surgery, extra parts of the labia is removed.

Various types of labiaplasty techniques are as follows:

  • Seculped linear (edge trim)

In this procedure, incisions are created by using laser, and then surgeons created absorbable stitches on the vagina. A gynecologist should consider strength of the stitches and reduces risk of scars. Using laser in this procedure, reduces risk of bleeding and there is no need of creating strong and firm stitches.

Amount of removing labia depends on a patient’s opinion.

  • Z- Plasty reduction technique

In this technique, more tissue is removed and formed a Z shape.

  • V- W edge resection

In this technique, edge of the labia minora is removed as V form. Advantages of this technique are as:

  • Less damages to sensory nerve of the vagina and labia
  • Better results
  • Less bleeding
  • Preserving integrity of labia
  • Less scar and short recovery time

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whitening vagina

The vagina is the most sensitive part of a woman body. This area naturally becomes darker than other parts. So, most women want to have a light and white vagina. Mostly think that washing every day helps to keep their vagina clean and makes it lighter. But reality is the opposite. Soaps contains harmful chemicals which not only irritates skin of the vagina, but also, make it darker and disturbs its PH. In this article, we explain ways of whitening vagina.

  • Herbal vaginal creams

These types of creams with their herbal formula, helps to natural color of the vagina. Moreover, their ingredients helps to improve metabolism and counter melanin production in vagina. Too much melanin production is one of the main cause of darkening the vagina. Applying these creams twice a day, will have noticeable results.

  • Natural vaginal creams

These creams are 100% natural with no side effects, and change color of the vagina from dark to a sweet pink, within several days. Natural ingredients of these creams are: aloe era, cucumber extract, rose extract, arbutin and seaweed extracts.

  • Vaginal bleach creams

Herbal and bleaching creams, are another types of the creams which are used to remove darkening of vagina and helps to whitening it. These creams contain no chemical are used for sensitive skins.

  • Laser vaginal bleaching

Laser vaginal bleaching, permanently removes dark color of the vagina and even the perineum. These color changing can be genetic, or due to hormonal changes and aging. This condition frustrates women and their partners.

Laser therapy is done in a special laser center, on 3 or more sessions. Number of sessions depend on amount of darkening and lasts about 10- 15 minutes. Laser removes melanin layer of the skin and leads to whitening vagina.

Laser vaginal bleaching is done under local anesthesia. A gynecologist recommends women to avoid sexual intercourse, 3- 4 days after laser therapy.

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effects of PRP injection

In this article, we consider effects of PRP injection for treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

Currently accepted treatment for female sexual dysfunction are done. Generally, there are 4 classes of sexual dysfunction: hyposexual desire disorder, arousal disorder, orgasmic disorder and dyspareunia.

As one possible strategy, various materials have been injected in the periurethral area to treat sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence. For example, calcium hydroxyapatite crystals for periurethral injection in the treatment of urinary incontinence. There is risk of discrete constriction that can associated with urinary obstruction, erosion, infection and granuloma formation which treat by surgical removal.

Injection of hyaluronic acid fillers has been used as a treatment to enhance orgasmic intensity by amplification of a controversial anatomical area in the anterior vaginal wall. But due to incidence of granuloma formation by hyaluronic acid fillers at the injection site, this therapy has been condemned.

In contrast to the above mentioned synthetic materials, platelet rich plasma (PRP) has been demonstrated to be effective and with minimal risks and side effects. PRP activates stem cells and areas of injection, resulting in rejuvenation and even enhancement of damaged or undamaged tissues. This injection flows into tissues as a non- viscous liquid.

Those women who suffers from dyspareunia or other sexual dysfunctions, PRP is injected into their periurethral and clitoris. First, a topical anesthesia cream was applied to the anterior vaginal wall. The clitoral hood was retracted and cream applied to the clitoris. Delaying the PRP injection for 20 minutes after anesthetic application. After isolation of the PRP, calcium chloride was added to the 5ml of PRP isolate to activate the thrombin, and causing degranulation of platelets, releasing growth factors and cytokines.

PRP injection

Results show that some cases of female sexual dysfunction, manifested by decreases in sexual desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasmic responsiveness, may be treated with specifically directed injection of PRP.

PRP injection induces growth of new tissue by activation of stem cells that are indigenous to most parts of the body. PRP is activated and injected into the vagina and clitoris, growth factors and cytokines may cause differentiation of steam cells in fibroblast growth, and results in improving physiologic responsiveness, and neuronal regrowth in the vagina and clitoral area, and then, sensitivity and blood flow will be increased in these areas.

PRP injection is an effective method to treat certain types of female sexual dysfunction, specially in the areas of desire, arousal, lubrication and orgasm. Improvement in satisfaction and pain were noted.

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HPV vaccine

HPV vaccine also known as Gardasil vaccine. Unfortunately, today, sexual diseases are so common and contagious. These diseases involve genital system and barricade intercourse and affect on relationship of the partners.

Moreover, sexual diseases can increase risk of cancers. Various types of these diseases are as follows:

Genital warts have various types and can lead to cervical cancer, if having high prevalence and growth.

A gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour knows human papillomavirus or HPV as main cause of cervical cancer, which transmit by sexual intercourse. HPV is the most common kind of sexual diseases which is transferred by an unprotected intercourse.

HPV vaccine is prescribed for girls and women between 9 to 45, to prevent risks of diseases that transmitted by HPV.


Who should get HPV vaccine?

  • Young men who have sex with men, including young men who identify as gay or bisexual or who intend to have sex with men through age 26;
  • Young adults who are transgender through age 26; and
  • Young adults with certain immune compromising conditions (including HIV) through age 26.

In fact, this vaccine is an obstacle for growth of HPV in your body, and risk of various cancers.

So, Gardasil has been developed that protects against the two high-risk HPV types, which cause 70% of cervical cancers in women and 90% of all HPV-related cancers in men.

Since the vaccine only covers some high-risk types of HPV, cervical cancer screening is recommended even after vaccination. In the US, the recommendation is for women to receive routine Pap smears beginning at age 21. Additional vaccine candidate research is occurring for next generation products to extend protection against additional HPV types.

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sexual desire after labiaplasty

Does labiaplasty affect on sexual desire?

Does labiaplasty increase sexual desire and activity?

Labiaplasty reduces size of labia and clitoral hood, making the clitoris more exposed during sex. Proper exposure of the clitoris is the main aim to seek this surgery.

Most women who seek labiaplasty, have above common questions. A gynecologist, Dr. Bahmanpour expresses that, labiaplasty have noticeable effects on female sensitivity, in fact, labiaplasty doesn’t decrease sexual desire, but also increases this desire and sensitivity.

Choosing the best and exprted gynecologist, directly affects on result of surgery. labiaplasty is a sensitive surgery, so surgeons should care about damages to clitoris (sensory nerve of female).

Some benefits of labiaplasty are as follows:

Labiaplasty stimulates the clitoris better

By stimulating clitoris, women feel more sexual pressure. The clitoral hood is more exposed with the reduction of larger labia and thus can help increase sexual desire.

Labiaplasty reduces pain

Some women experience pain during their sexual intercourse, which also known as dyspareunia. This can lead to reducing sexual desire. Labiaplasty helps you by cutting skin or widening the vagina. So, it not only increase your desire, but also reduces pain.

Labiaplasty increases confidence

Being confident sexually is a great way to boost your sex life. So, women who done labiaplasty surgery, will be more confident before past.

The goal of cosmetic surgeries is to make patients feel more ease in their bodies, labiaplasty can achieve this goal.

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MonaLisa touch function

MonaLisa touch is an outpatient procedure which is used to remove vaginal dryness, itching and sagging. In this procedure CO2 is radiated in the area and new collagen will be created. MonaLisa touch function is removing and treating problems of the vagina, such as vaginal atrophy, vaginal itching, vaginal dryness and looseness,  and also leads to increasing your self steam and youthful feeling.

This procedure also used for vaginal rejuvenation.

MonaLisa touch durability

You can see desired result immediately after first remedial session. Number of sessions varies from one patient to the other one. But it’s better to do this procedure again, 2- 3 month later. After considering and examination by a gynecologist, number of sessions will be determined.

This procedure lasts few minutes and patients can start their routine activities. You don’t feel any pain.


Those who have severe systematic diseases should not use this procedure, and should consult with their doctor.

All women who suffer from problems such as, dryness, itching, burning and looseness of the vagina are best candidates of MonaLisa touch procedure.

MonaLisa touch and sexual intercourse

Your doctor is the best advisor. It’s better for you to avoid sexual intercourse 2- 3 days after doing this procedure.

Dr. Bahmanpour services:

  • Cosmetic vaginal surgery
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Treating urinary incontinence
  • labiaplasty

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