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whitening vagina

The vagina is the most sensitive part of a woman body. This area naturally becomes darker than other parts. So, most women want to have a light and white vagina. Mostly think that washing every day helps to keep their vagina clean and makes it lighter. But reality is the opposite. Soaps contains harmful chemicals which not only irritates skin of the vagina, but also, make it darker and disturbs its PH. In this article, we explain ways of whitening vagina.

  • Herbal vaginal creams

These types of creams with their herbal formula, helps to natural color of the vagina. Moreover, their ingredients helps to improve metabolism and counter melanin production in vagina. Too much melanin production is one of the main cause of darkening the vagina. Applying these creams twice a day, will have noticeable results.

  • Natural vaginal creams

These creams are 100% natural with no side effects, and change color of the vagina from dark to a sweet pink, within several days. Natural ingredients of these creams are: aloe era, cucumber extract, rose extract, arbutin and seaweed extracts.

  • Vaginal bleach creams

Herbal and bleaching creams, are another types of the creams which are used to remove darkening of vagina and helps to whitening it. These creams contain no chemical are used for sensitive skins.

  • Laser vaginal bleaching

Laser vaginal bleaching, permanently removes dark color of the vagina and even the perineum. These color changing can be genetic, or due to hormonal changes and aging. This condition frustrates women and their partners.

Laser therapy is done in a special laser center, on 3 or more sessions. Number of sessions depend on amount of darkening and lasts about 10- 15 minutes. Laser removes melanin layer of the skin and leads to whitening vagina.

Laser vaginal bleaching is done under local anesthesia. A gynecologist recommends women to avoid sexual intercourse, 3- 4 days after laser therapy.

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